NHDTB-814 Fucking my lover's sister in the dark

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This is my first time going to my girlfriend's house. Her parents returned home and her sister went on a business trip, so it was just the two of us at home. My girlfriend always forces me to wear a condom, even though I don't like it, but because she wants to so I complied with her. Just as I was preparing to join in, her sister suddenly burst into the room wearing only her underwear. Because her sister was here, we had to stop. My girlfriend went to buy something to cook and I went to take a shower. She immediately went into the bathroom with me and wanted to shower me to apologize for what had just happened. There was no other way, so I had to agree. She bathed me with her body, using her big breasts to wash my cock. She continued continued to seduce me, even though I loved Ran very much, I couldn't resist her big breasts and especially she didn't force me to wear a condom and ejaculate directly inside her!!!

NHDTB-814 Fucking my lover's sister in the dark

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